Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mr Kee - Livin On The Ultimate High (Tape) [San Francisco, CA]

Mr Kee's very first release which is only available on tape
Label: Sticky Style Records
Year Released: 1995

A1. Jus' Stoned (Intro)
A2. Starbound
A3. Livin On The Ultimate High
A4. Psychotic Visions
B1. City A Danger
B2. Sticky Buddha Style
B3. Unda Cover Nasty
B4. Puff (Outro)

L.O.L. - Summer Breeze (Music Video)

Strictly For The Streets Compilation (1995) [Bay Area, CA]

01. Above The Law, Assassin - Intro
02. Bernie Castro, Tone, Havikk - Strictly For The Streets
03. Gangsta Reese, Rated R, Nina Ross, Havikk, Hot Dolla, Sh'Killa, Buddah - Hustla's Convention
04. Sh'Killa, F Love, Geogee - The Juice
05. Nina Ross (a.k.a. Bloody Mary), D-Ruff - 1-800-Bustah
06. Twon - Dha Game
07. Ad Kapone (Totally Insane) - The Arrival
08. F. Love - My Nigga
09. Nina Ross, Hot Dolla, Sh'Killa, Jazz, Gangsta Reese - Unforgiven
10. Nina Ross (a.k.a. Bloody Mary) - Nina B Da Name
11. Ghetto Politix - Don't Fuck Wit' A G
12. D-Ruff, Kphra, Nizman, F. Love - Deacon Hemp & Pas-Dah Dank
13. Totally Insane - (Bitch) Perpin' Like She's Top Notch
14. Ad Kapone, Rated R (Thug Life), Jazz, Sh'Killa, Havikk, Nina Ross, Hot Dolla, AMW - Set Trippen'
15. Havikk, Chunk, Nina Ross (a.k.a. Bloody Mary), D-Ruff - Streets Is How We Comin'
16. F. Love, Trickbaby - Pimp Catalogue

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

S.N.O.P. - Life Styes of The Poor & Starv'n [Oakland, CA]

S.N.O.P. - Life Styles of The Poor & Starv'n
Label: Treasure Line Records

Year Released: 1992

A1. Hello
A2. Bucket Full of Nuts
A3. My People's
B1. The Dukey
B2. West Oakland
B3. A Nigga Like Me

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bink - Something 2 Ride To (1999) [Vallejo, CA]

Very rare Bay Area rap album featuring Keak Da Sneak of 3xKrazy, Levitti, 211, 808, Spart Dog, B-Legit and Suga T of The Click.

01. Something 2 Ride To (listen)
02. Why You Wanna Hate (listen)
03. Riden' It
04. Rags To Riches
05. Million Dollar Dream (listen)
06. Dead Presidents
07. Hustlin' Thugs (listen)
08. Made Niggas (listen)
09. North Bay (listen)
10. True Niggas (listen)
11. Hog About My Scratch (remix)
12. You Act Like You Don't Know Me
13. Ain't No Love
14. Hog About My Scratch

G-Lo - The Funky Overthrow (1997) [Oakland, CA]

Rare Bay Area rap album out of Oakland, CA
[click here to see the G-Lo's 12" single]

Felony - Redrum 781 (1996) [Pittsburg, CA]

Rare rap album out of Pittsburg, CA released by Solar Music Group. Judging by the cover and a couple tracks on the album...this guy hates East Coast rappers with a passion.
[click here to see the Felony's 12" single]