Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Totally In2 Pleasure - The Game (1998) [Westcoast G-Funk]

Very rare G-Funk album out of California featuring rappers from Oakland, Inglewood, Los Angeles and San Diego. If you like that smooth Westcoast sound then this is a must have album for your collection. Listen to the sound samples down below.

01. Game Intro
02. Family Affair (listen)
04. All Up To You
05. Get Down (listen)
06. Who's That Knockin
07. Gangsta Pimp
08. Hey Lady
09. Weekend Is On (listen)
10. Puff of Bud (listen)
11. Respect
12. Bitchled Misled
13. Faith (The Anthem)
14. Personality Analysis
15. Game Over


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

3-Deep - Sucka Free EP (1994) [Oakland, CA]

Rare rap release out of Oakland, CA featuring Clee Dogg & more

3 Deep - Sucker Free EP
Label: From The Floor Up
Year Released: 1994

01. 3 Deep Got The Bomb (listen)
02. Sucka Free
03. For Da '94
04. Funk From The 'O'
05. Sucka Free (instr)

Ill Fated - Califunk (Tape) [Sacramento, CA]

Rare Sacramento rap released on vinyl and cassette tape
[click here to see the tape version]

A1. Intro
A2. Califunk (listen)
A3. Betta Ask Somebody (listen)
A4. Muzik Iz
B1. Hott Butt Naked Sexx
B2. House Nigga
B3. Out There

IFA - Nothin But Family (Album Sampler)

You are looking at a very rare promo tape that was released around 1994-95. This tape looks home made and was probably passed around the Bay Area before they even signed to Capitol Records. IFA was suppose to drop an album titled "Nothin But Family" in 1995 but the album never got released. The only release they had under Capitol Records was a single for the song "Rollin" which is available on cd, tape and vinyl. Later in 1997, they independently released an album called "International Family Affair" which is also available on cd & vinyl.
[click here to see the Rollin 12" single]
[click here to see the "International Family Affair" album]

01. Rollin' (listen)
02. G Bump (unreleased)
03. Player's Bounce (unreleased)

Aggravated Assault - Whatcha Know About Me? [San Jose, CA]

Rare 1995 San Jose rap released on Shepp-O Records
[click here to see the 12" vinyl release]


01. Ghetto Lifestyles (listen)
02. Sheppy Side
03. 4 G's N A Buccet
04. South Bay Cut'z
05. On Dope
06. G 2 A BG
07. Hang Em High
08. Can I Roll
09. Ghetto Life
10. Who Ride (listen)
11. Whatcha Know

Aggravated Assault - South Bay Cut'z (Tape)

((( W A N T E D )))
Contact me if you have a copy available for sale/trade

Strong Soul - On A Saturday [Oakland, CA]

[click here to see the 12" vinyl release]

quick thanks and shout out to 12manrambo for hookin me up!

Monday, June 16, 2008

San Quinn, Big Rich, Boo Banga - SF Anthem (Music Video)

1/2 Uh G - Old School G's (Tape)

[click here to see their 12" single release]
Very rare tape-only release out of San Francisco, CA
1/2 Uh G - Old School G's
Label: SHWCD Records
Year Released: 199?

01. Old School G's (LP Version)
02. I'm Goin' Thru It
03. Old School G's (Remix)
04. Strapped

Playboy Chill & MC Scooter D - Seaside Posse (Tape)

Playboy Chill & MC Scooter D - Seaside Posse
Label: Montebay Records
Year Released: 1991

01. Stackin' (listen)
02. You Ain't No Cutie Pie (listen)

APG Crew - On The Rise [Oakland, CA]

The APG Crew consists of MC Mello-Mar, J-Cutt, MC Money Ray, DJ Red Slice, Cold Comin Up, Ken & Kev. This album can only be found on cassette tape and vinyl. The vinyl release has only 8 tracks while the cassette tape release has an extra track called "12 Man Rambo"
[click here to see the vinyl version]

01. Action Packed Gangstas (listen)
02. Cool As Hell (listen)
03. Seek & Destroy (listen)
04. Listen To Me Brother (listen)
05. It's Time To Get Mello (listen)
06. Action Speaks (listen)
07. Back To Back (listen)
08. Everybody Just Dance (listen)
09. 12 Man Rambo (listen)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Anything Goes - Anything Goes [Vallejo, CA]

[click here to see the vinyl version]
Anything Goes - Anything Goes (Tape)
Very rare tape release out of Vallejo, CA. This was never released on CD and can only be found vinyl and cassette tape. Vinyl comes with 3 tracks with Instrumental versions on side b.

Mr. Mostafah - Rags To Riches [Stockton, CA]

Very rare underground rap release out of Stockton, CA. This album looks like the rapper made his own cd and sold it out of his trunk around the Stockton area. Everything from the cd and cover inserts are home made. Album features D-Good, Attitude, Playa P, Double Up Clicc, Kilo, Killa Ski, Dirty Mac, Lady Savage, Young Bandit, Lil Pacc, Jeff Howl, Po Boy & Bug.

1. Intro
2. Who Gott Dope
3. Drops On A 20
4. Swing It Over Here
5. From Rags 2 Riches (listen)
6. Sticky Green
7. Go 2 War
8. Lose A Ho Gain A Ho
9. Seperating Tha Real From Tha Fake
10. I Gott Game (listen)
11. 209 Hustlas (listen)
12. Fallin Off

IFA - International Family Affair [Bay Area, CA]

This CD is available for Sale/Trade
One of the best G-Funk albums released out of the California. Members include D-Shoot, GF, Bias, and SOS representing different parts of the Bay Area (Oakland, East Palo Alto, Stockton). If you like that old school Westcoast sound with smooth vocals then this is a must have for your collection.
[click here to see the vinyl version]

Label: Rollin Records
Year Released: 1997
A1. Rollin (listen)
A2. Throw Ya Hands Up (listen)
A3. Gee's Get Lonely 2 (listen)
A4. Do U Wanna Ride (listen)
A5. Bustas (listen)
A6. I Like
B1. Off Da Hook (listen)
B2. You Need A "G"
B3. Slide (listen)
B4. Game Over Dosed
B5. OG Funk
B6. Family Affair

IFA - Throw Ya Hands Up (CD Single)

This CD is available for Sale/Trade
Rare single released out of Stockton, CA in 1997
Throw Ya Hands Up (listen)

Gangsta Rhyme Posse - Skunk (Tape)

This tape is available for Sale/Trade
Rare single out of San Francisco, CA
featuring Velski, Mac Shawn, Suga T, Levitti
[click here to see the 12" vinyl single]
Label: Strapped 4 Life Records
Year Released: 1995

A1. Skunk (listen)
A2. Skunk (instr)
B1. Livin In The Point (listen)
B2. Livin In The Point (instr)

Down-N-Dirty Hustlas - Sco Town (Tape)

This Tape is available for Sale/Trade
Rare 1996 single out of San Francisco, CA
[click here to see the 12" vinyl version]

1. Sco Town Radio (Listen)
Livin Wit My Consciousness
3. Sco Town (street)
4. Down N Dirty Snippets

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

9Eleven - Down From Day One (1997) [Oakland, CA]

9Eleven - Down From Day One
Label: Cover 3 Entertainment
Year Released: 1997

1. Intro
2. Mob Shit (Listen)
3. First Come
4. Between The Sheets
5. I Met The Devil (Listen)
6. Light It Up (Listen)
7. Situation Critical
8. Bedtime Stories (Listen)
9. What's It All About (Listen)
10. How Many Days
11. Dedication
12. Come Inside
13. 9Eleven Going Insane
14. Turning Pages
15. Everyone Has One
16. Down From Day One (Listen)
17. Outro