Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mr. Mostafah - Rags To Riches [Stockton, CA]

Very rare underground rap release out of Stockton, CA. This album looks like the rapper made his own cd and sold it out of his trunk around the Stockton area. Everything from the cd and cover inserts are home made. Album features D-Good, Attitude, Playa P, Double Up Clicc, Kilo, Killa Ski, Dirty Mac, Lady Savage, Young Bandit, Lil Pacc, Jeff Howl, Po Boy & Bug.

1. Intro
2. Who Gott Dope
3. Drops On A 20
4. Swing It Over Here
5. From Rags 2 Riches (listen)
6. Sticky Green
7. Go 2 War
8. Lose A Ho Gain A Ho
9. Seperating Tha Real From Tha Fake
10. I Gott Game (listen)
11. 209 Hustlas (listen)
12. Fallin Off


Sippy said...

Mr. Mostafah is Mr. Freemost mane! Next Brotha Up II Batt. Amazing find Remar!
Been lookin for his cdr releases for a minute after findin this local press article on the net. They spelt his name wrong :-(
Gift-2-Spit, Game & Money are two of his others. Like Trell Mix, another OG still puttin out hits keepin his name out there through local cdrs!

Martin said...

Yeah, thanks!!

Wher can I get 'Gift-2-Spit'& 'Game & Money'???