Monday, June 16, 2008

APG Crew - On The Rise [Oakland, CA]

The APG Crew consists of MC Mello-Mar, J-Cutt, MC Money Ray, DJ Red Slice, Cold Comin Up, Ken & Kev. This album can only be found on cassette tape and vinyl. The vinyl release has only 8 tracks while the cassette tape release has an extra track called "12 Man Rambo"
[click here to see the vinyl version]

01. Action Packed Gangstas (listen)
02. Cool As Hell (listen)
03. Seek & Destroy (listen)
04. Listen To Me Brother (listen)
05. It's Time To Get Mello (listen)
06. Action Speaks (listen)
07. Back To Back (listen)
08. Everybody Just Dance (listen)
09. 12 Man Rambo (listen)

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