Tuesday, June 17, 2008

IFA - Nothin But Family (Album Sampler)

You are looking at a very rare promo tape that was released around 1994-95. This tape looks home made and was probably passed around the Bay Area before they even signed to Capitol Records. IFA was suppose to drop an album titled "Nothin But Family" in 1995 but the album never got released. The only release they had under Capitol Records was a single for the song "Rollin" which is available on cd, tape and vinyl. Later in 1997, they independently released an album called "International Family Affair" which is also available on cd & vinyl.
[click here to see the Rollin 12" single]
[click here to see the "International Family Affair" album]

01. Rollin' (listen)
02. G Bump (unreleased)
03. Player's Bounce (unreleased)

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tktmacouillass said...

Have you ever saw this one:

I saw that it was sold in a japan auction.