Thursday, September 18, 2008

Unaffiliated - Hate Me Cause You Aint Me [Oakland, CA]

This album was suppose to be released back in 1995 on Treasure Line Records, but one of the members died and they decided not to put it out for sale. 4 years later in 1999, C-Mad released it on his own label with all the original songs. If you listen to all of the tracks you will notice that the songs have that early 90's mobb sound and some of the lyrics mention the year 1995. Very limited amount of copies were pressed up.

Unaffiliated & The Madsquad - Hate Me Cause You Aint Me
Label: Smooth & Lethal / Hole In The Wall Records
Year Released: 1995-1999

01) Mark Skit
04) Stack A Million Skit
08) Personal Skit
12) Fire It Up Skit
14) Hayter Skit
17) No Luv
18) Hayter Check Skit

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