Friday, May 23, 2008

C.O.P.S. - It's A Boy (Tape) [Stockton, CA]

This Tape is available For Sale/Trade
Rare tape release out of Stockton, CA. This album was never released on cd and is very hard to find. If you are a big fan of Stockton rap then this is a must have for your collection. Contact me if you are interested in buying a copy from me

Label: 2 Peace Records
Year Released: 1992
1. Intro
2. C.O.P.S. / F_ck the Police
3. Everything A Be Just Fine
4. It's A Boy (street mix)
5. 209 Doin Fine
6. It's A Boy (radio)
7. 209 (gangsta mix)
8. Criminal Groove


tita said...

I'm looking for a copy of a cd by the group C.O.P.S from stockton Ca from back in the mid 90's. I dont remember the name of the cd but I know there is a track on that cd called "Busta Ass Niggas". Do you have that cd for sale or any info on how I can get a copy? Thanks for your time.


sup tita, i actually have that CD posted on my blog. i dont plan on selling my copy but you can check out post here at this link...