Friday, May 23, 2008

Filthy - Money Hungry Hustler [Richmond, CA]

Filthy Phil - Money Hungry Hustler (cd)
This is the same guy who released the "Consequences" and "The Manhunt" tapes in the early 90's. He released this album in the year 2002 but for some reason he quickly pulled all the remaining copies off store shelves and retired from the rap game.

1. Booked Up
2. Thats The Way
3. Bullys On These Cornas
4. Thug Thang
5. Matter Of Time
6. Popin The Most
7. M.O.B.
8. Money Maker
9. Put Her Out There
10. Richmond California
11. Broke, Starving and Stuck
12. Money Hungry Hustler
13. Beat That Gussy Up
14. Mob To This
15. Open Up The Gates
16. Americas Most Wanted

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